We want to deliver service that's beyond our customers' expectations so they will frequently visit our stores and website as well as refer Hunkemöller to their friends and family. To create the perfect customer journey – from a genuine welcome, alongside inspiring in-store and fitting room advice, to the ‘kiss come back' –we've invested in learning and development more than ever before.

Grow your talent!

To become & stay a great place to work, as well as expanding rapidly, Hunkemöller offers an exciting and realistic career path. This is largely focused on transitioning store employees to becoming store and regional managers, as well as retaining trainees to progress their careers from entry- level HQ roles. We offer several Development programs such Buying Academy, Retail Talent Program, Talent Development Program and Intern programs, along with mentoring those with high potential, will grow our capabilities and nurture our future leaders. A shared leadership target and an empowering leadership style, focused on growing and rewarding individuals, is essential.
training and development
training and development

The HKM Academy

The HKM Academy is your go-to platform for online training. This global platform enables our Sheroes to transform into true brand ambassadors.
We are constantly adding new content to our Academy. Let’s have a look at what you can find here!


As a design-led brand, product knowledge is an essential part of learning. That is why we launch modules. These are trainings of approximately 15 – 20 minutes length. There are several mandatory and non-mandatory trainings which we offer. Examples of such mandatory modules are our expert modules, which are designed to deepen your skills on a specific World Class Service topic.

Product Learning Bites

You want to stay on top of all the new products and collections we launch, right? Make sure to check out our monthly product learning bites! These are short interactive trainings that take only 5 minutes of your time. They help you stay up to date on everything that is new in stores in order to give your Sheroes the best advice.

World-Class-Service Videos

Our USP is World-Class Service and the unrivalled lingerie expertise that our staff delivers. Curious to learn more about World Class Service? These fun videos show you ideal manners and amazing ‘How-To’ insights.

Store Manager Development

Store managers will find an extra area in the academy that contains the ‘Store Manager Development Journey’. We advise all Store Managers to start their Store Manager Development Journey when they have been working at Hunkemöller for six months. Before you start, be sure to discuss the timing with your Regional Manager.

Development programs and on-the-job training

In addition to online training, you can also expect face to face development and training initiatives!
We offer several development programs, such as Retail Talent Program and Talent Development Program, to help grow talent and develop future leaders. These programs are designed to enrich the participants in their current role or prepare for a possible new step in their career.
In addition, you will receive training on the shop floor by one our Training Ambassadors (TA’s). Our global network of Training Ambassadors (TA’s) supports our online programs by offering in-store training that focuses on and maintains high service levels. We internally certify passionate employees to become training ambassadors to train other stores, alongside their day job.
training in store

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